Ma Kettle
Born Phoebe
1899 or 1900
Cape Flattery, Washington
Occupation Housewife
Spouse Franklin "Pa" Kettle (m. 1925)
Children Thomas, Rose, Elwin, and twelve others
Grandchildren Thomas Jonathan Kettle
Other Relatives Kim Parker Kettle
Sedgewick Kettle
Rodney Kettle

Phoebe Kettle[1] (born 1899 or 1900),[2] commonly known as "Ma", is the matriarch of the Kettle family and the wife of Pa Kettle.

Early lifeEdit

Ma was born in 1899 or 1900,[2] probably in Cape Flattery, Washington. As a girl she learned cures from a "medicine show man" who once visited Cape Flattery.[1]

Ma was courted by both Pa and his cousin Rodney.[1] She chose to marry Pa, however, and Rodney left for Hawaii, where he started a pineapple business (Kettle Enterprises).[1]

Pa once said that Ma was a "fancy stepper" in her youth.[3]


Pa borrowed a suit from Ma's father for the wedding.[2] They also had a party after the wedding, for which Pa borrowed two dollars from Ma to pay for the expenses.[2]

Life in the Kettle FarmEdit

Ma argued with Pa during their first years of marriage over the fact of him being messy, but gave up later on, knowing that she would never change Pa's mind.[4]

Being in tight situations, the Kettles dined on bread slices and meat; they all ate on the farmhouse dining table.[4]